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Phillipsburg BCJI Program

Phillipsburg Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) Program

The Goal

NORWESCAP and the Phillipsburg Police Department have been working together on community building since 2010 in an effort to reduce crime and improve community safety.  The project works with other cross-sector partners  including residents to improve the community.  In general, the Core Elements of the BCJI model ( include the ability focus on problem solving through research and data driven, evidenced based approaches to solve community issues.  In addition Core Program Elements are defined by BCJI as these areas of focus?

  • Place based: targets crimes hot spots
  • Data-driven problem solving: researchers work with partners to use data to clearly define problems and identify evidence-based solutions
  • Community-oriented: community leaders and residents must be actively involved
  • Cost effective: maximizes local resources and partnerships

Our Phillipsburg project has a special focus on youth and the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) by diverting youth from the criminal justice system.  These strategies are realized through prevention and other resources such as Station House Adjustments. 

Along with the Department of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), and our support partner, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) we are able to analyze data, and learn from other communities across the country that work in tangent with crime control efforts adn revitalization strategies.  to provide a range of training and technical assistance services to all BCJI grantees. Enhanced by partnerships with nationally-known criminal justice and community development experts, LISC’s technical assistance is organized around several main themes that are critical to the BCJI model and they include:

  1. Use data and research to guide program strategy
  2. Engage community members in shaping crime prevention and revitalization efforts
  3. Tackle problems from multiple angles through cross-sector partnerships
  4. Integrate crime control efforts with revitalization strategies

In addition to these resources this project also hosts two events in the downtown area of Shappell Park, National Night Out and a Fall Festival in October.  This is in addition to the many prevention strategies that are implemented to not only reduce crime but to also foster economic revitalization.

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