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Home Energy Assistance Program

NORWESCAP Housing and Energy Services administers the following programs:  LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program), Weatherization Assistance Program, USF (Universal Service Fund), and other programs to assist low income families with thier heating and cooling costs.  There are also several housing projects that are aimed at providing safe and affordable housing to low-income families. 



Home Energy Assistance

Provides funds to assist eligible households to help meet their heating and cooling costs who reside in Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren or Sussex counties. Assistance payments are made directly to the fuel vendor or utility company on behalf of the eligible applicant.


Universal Service Fund (USF)                                                                                                                                                    

The USF program was created by the State of New Jersey to help make energy bills more affordable for low income customers.  The program provides funds to assist eligible households to lower the amount that they have to pay for their gas and electric bills.  Eligible applicants must apply for LIHEAP to receive consideration for USF.


  • Must be income eligible
  • Must complete and submit an application
  • Must supply all income documentation for the entire household
  • Must provide proof of ownership of the residence
  • A landlord/tenant agreement must be signed (if it applies)
  • Must submit copies of social security cards for the entire household and heating and cooling bills


Deadline for Applications: April 30*

  • Energy assistance for oil recipients: Starting date – November 1st*
  • Emergency assistance for electric & gas recipients: March 16th – April 30th*

*Unless extended by the State of New Jersey 


Toll free:  (888) 454-4778

973-209-7549 or 973-383-6020

Fax: 973-209-7553



Toll free:  (888) 454-4778


Fax: 908-454-1800



Toll free:  (888) 454-4778


Fax: 908-454-1800



Toll free:  (888) 454-4778


Fax: 908-454-1800

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If you are interested in applying for services, please download the Application in PDF format. If you have any questions, or difficulty with this process, please email

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