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College Community Empowerment Project

College Community Empowerment Project

NORWESCAP originally designated special funding to create an entirely new model working with under-resourced students in a community college setting.  This initiative was the result of some initial success witnessed with students and faculty at the Sussex County Community College. The College Community Empowerment Project launched at Raritan Valley Community College recently.

People living in poverty enrolled in secondary education have the desire to complete a college degree; however the number of barriers to success is often insurmountable.  Graduation time is often two years or longer than a traditional student and for many, despite years of hard work, a degree is never obtained.  Some barriers to graduate reflect the difficulty for non-traditional students to receive supportive services; others are more serious and based on different learning techniques.  Several studies have highlighted these obstacles and lack of resources available to a low-income student enrolled in post secondary education.  The launching of a community empowerment model which brings resources to students and faculty will change these statistics and increase retention and graduation rates for students, the ultimate goal of the project.

The program has been operation in Sussex County Community College since January 2010 and became operation at Raritan Valley Community College in January 2011.

Contact Information

Raritan Valley Community College
Alicia Liss, Coordinator

PO Box 3300                                                                                                                             Somerville,  NJ  08876                                                                                                                     908-268-7448 


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Program Director

Alicia Liss

Program Director

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