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Migration and Economic Opportunity
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Historically, the population of the United States has generally been very fluid, perhaps a result of the nature of the United States itself, which owes its development to immigrants traveling thousands of miles from all over the world. Estimates are that each year, between 5 and 6 percent of the population moves across a county boundary, although this figure has been declining over the past few decades. There are many various reasons for moving, with one of the most common being for work or to find a better job market. For those that hope to move away the area they grew up in, however, there are significant obstacles that can make that next to impossible for lower-income individuals. The cost of searching for a new place and gathering enough money to put down the rent and security deposit up front adds up quickly, and the lack of personal and/or professional contacts in an entirely new location can make it much more difficult to settle in and adjust quickly. There are also other factors that induce a person to stay in their hometown rather than prevent them from leaving. Even the smallest town usually has a number of establishments that do not require a particularly specialized set of skills or knowledge to work for (such as the service industry), so there is little incentive for low-skilled workers to uproot their lives and move across the state or country for a job they can find closer to home. If you are looking to relocate, several NORWESCAP programs such as the Individual Development Accounts and Family Loan programs may be able to help with the cost of housing.

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As we experience summer with the steady stream of sunny days we take a moment to rest in the shade and think about one of the most important assets that we have in our community, our youth! Perhaps because we see children out and about more in the summer than during the school year, we can appreciate how critical they are to our community and how important it is to provide opportunities. We organize a few special summer activities over the summer for our youth and hope you will appreciate and participate in some of our activities. This summer we had a special chess lessons at our Cops and Kids Reading and Activity Room, our weekly book distributions, and as we move into the true "dog days of summer", we have two other perfect summer activities with youth. August 1st marks National Night Out an annual campaign that promotes police-community relationships. We urge you to find one in your community and attend as it is an opportunity to meet your neighbors and those in law enforcement (search here for your local NNO
NORWESCAP will be at several so please look for us. Next, August 12th is our 7th annual COPS on the R.U.N. 5k at Meadow Breeze Park in Washington ( ). It offers a free 1k youth run. Registration for the 5k can be completed here: COPS ON THE RUN ON LINE REGISTRATION. The run helps to support prevention activities for our youth and community engagement and building. If you want to experience one activity this fundraiser run helps support, please take a few moments and see the first Phillipsburg Police Junior Youth Academy Phillipsburg Police Youth Academy Video. We look forward to focusing on our youth and investing our resources in their potential and hope you will join us, as our guest at NNO, a runner/walker or volunteer for our 5k, or by being a donor. Our resources are endless when we work together to solve a community need.

Contact Georjean Trinkle at for additional information.

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