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NORWESCAP CEO, Terry Newhard

Terry Newhard has been at the helm of NORWESCAP for the past thirty years. Coming from a social services background where he served in community development, was the head of a Community Center and worked within the prison system as an educator, Terry knows first hand the challenges and rewards of attempting to equalize the effects of poverty on the individual and on the community. As CEO of NORWESCAP, Terry has guided the organization with a growth implementing vision, passion and dedication to achieving NORWESCAP's goals of creating opportunities and changing lives.

Creating a culture that fosters social entrepreneurialism NORWESCAP Directors and Staff are able to use their creativity and innovation to create solutions to the evolving dynamics and needs represented by economic crisis and social disadvantage. Fostering a climate of responsiveness and innovation has enabled NORWESCAP programs and directors to implement effective programs tailored to the unique needs of the community and measured success. Flexibility and risk taking are hallmarks of NORWESCAP under Terry's leadership. When asked about NORWESCAP and his role as CEO, Terry said, "I try to hold up the global view of the organization and the vision to end poverty in Northwest New Jersey.

The success stories are a result of the efforts of people who want to change their lives and the talents of a caring staff who create the opportunities for transformation. Working with a strong board that is focused on the future of the agency and how it responds to the community, we have successfully led the organization through challenging times and look forward to strengthening families and communities in Northwest New Jersey."

NORWESCAP Deputy Director, Georjean W. Trinkle

Georjean has over fifteen years of experience within the Social Service field and she continues to demonstrate the passion that led her to this field in public service with a particular emphasis on working with low income families, grant management, innovative program design, as well as, strategic planning, advocacy and outcome based programming.

Georjean credits her success at NORWESCAP due to her experience in several roles which started as a case manager, then as the Director of First Call for Help, before her ascension to the NORWESCAP leadership team.

As part of the NORWESCAP Directorship and Administrative team, Georjean continues to keep the pulse of the people NORWESCAP serves utilizing a hands-on approach. As a member of the Executive Team she is able to employ her leadership skills in the oversight of the organization while fulfilling her devotion for Social Service work by participation in NORWESCAP program events. As a result of recent catastrophic events, Georjean recognized a gap in crisis counseling and immediately took the initiative receiving her certification as a Disaster Relief Crisis Counselor.

Adding this certification to her credentials and accomplishments has affords her the ability to be effective in addressing the needs of the northwest New Jersey communities and people she is dedicated to serving. When asked about her role as Associate Director, Georjean replied, "Serving as Associate Director, my job is to insure that all the pieces of the NORWESCAP organization seamlessly integrate so we can continue to provide programs and services that are changing lives in Northwest New Jersey.”

“I love the communities and the people we serve, and want to give back to those struggling the opportunities I was afforded. In this time of economic crisis, I'm proud that NORWESCAP is continuing to connect to the people in effective and efficient ways." Georjean has also supervised the development of programs and services including asset building services designed for low income individuals, improving access to primary health care services, and creating unique collaborations with a wide range of cross sector partners, .

Georjean holds a Bachelor of Arts from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Masters of Science from New England College. Her social service background and administrative function create a blend of opportunity to serve the organization.

NORWESCAP Associate Director, Patrick Grogan

After a career of almost twenty five years at NORWESCAP Patrick still has a deep desire to serve the NORWESCAP organization by taking the responsibility of day to day operations off the minds of the Directors and Staff- freeing them to do what they do best-directly impacting the community.

As Associate Director of NORWESCAP, Patrick works to insure a smooth running operation. A graduate of Marywood University, Patrick earned both a BSW and MSW degrees in Social Work. Understanding his strengths lie in the administrative functions of the organization, Patrick
continues to be inspired daily by the passion, dedication and innovation of the NORWESCAP team. His contribution to the organization directly impacts the ability of NORWESCAP to continue to offer needed assistance and life changing opportunities.

When asked what Patrick admires most about the organization, he replied, "NORWESCAP has kept the focus on the community, its needs and the everyday people it serves. The people that work for NORWESCAP genuinely care about the people they serve."

NORWESCAP Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Connie Burns

Connie Burns, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) joined the management team in 2014 as NORWESCAP’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Connie came to NORWESCAP after spending almost 15 years in higher education working for several state systems including Pennsylvania, California and Colorado. Her 15 year span in higher education provided her with vast experience in the non-profit sector managing all financial reporting for both grantors and external users. Connie also has an extensive background in systems implementations in which she created and designed information to provide reports tailored to meet organizational needs.

When asked why Connie decided to make the change from higher education to NORWESCAP, she responded, “NORWESCAP’s mission is to improve the lives of low income individuals and families and eradicate poverty are near and dear to my heart. NORWESCAP takes it one step further by providing education that goes above and beyond the client, so one could say I didn’t leave education. How does NORWESCAP go above and beyond? In addition to educating our clients, NORWESCAP educates the community by dissipating the myths and assumptions of poverty: Poverty knows no bounds, it can affect anyone. One never knows what may happen in life and it is assuring to know that there is an agency that cares.

I am honored to be part of that agency --- an agency that has a heart’s desire to see poverty eliminated because it is made up of people that truly care.”

If you would like to contact the Administration Office please email contactus@norwescap.org, or fill out our contact form. Thank you.